Welcome to Witty V

Hey there :) So good to have you here and welcome to Witty V - a small business with big dreams.

I'm Cara - owner and founder, married to a foreigner, proud owner of the cutest (and wildest) Boston Terrier fur baby, a jeans and tee type of girl with more often that not VERY questionable hairstyles. 

I guess you could say my love for signage has always been "in me". But not something I ever guessed I would be doing for a living. 

Fresh out of varisty with an Honours degree in Economics, I gave the corporate world a go. A world I was definitely not cut out for. I decided to call it quits, pack my bags and headed for a job as an entertainer on the cruise ships. I mean talk about opposite ends of the working spectrum. But this was an experience I thrived in. An experience that pushed boundaries and comfort zones. An experience that played a huge part in moulding who I am today.

After my 3 years onboard and a broad, I landed a job with the same company in Durban. Where cruise life and corporate worlds met in the middle. You could even say that it was the perfect job at the time, because I wasn't being thrown in the deep end adjusting back to "life on land" (trust me this is a real thing). But again, the environment of uniforms and rules eventually got the best of me - so did the travel bug. After I resigned, I took somewhat of a "sabbatical" (as I like to call it) - but realistically it was fun-employment. 

During this time, I travelled Europe for a month and then spent 2 months in Israel with my then boyfriend (now husband). Trying to figure out this thing called life and what the heck I was going to do with mine. It was here I connected with the creative world. And WOW. After getting back home to East London, I bought some wood and paint and got creative. BUT a bit of wood and paint wouldn't pay the bills. So again, I headed back to the corporate world and worked in the production department for a plastic manufacturing company. Dream - no, paid bills - yes. 

While having the normal 7 - 4 job, I still kept my head, heart and fingers busy with my newly discovered "creative side" (one I never knew I had). Skip forward, I purchased my vinyl cutter and then the real fun started! Eventually I left the corporate world (AGAIN), but for good this time. I dived head first into creating all sorts and everything under the sun. However, I got to the point where: "if you resonate with everyone, you will resonate with no-one", and made the decision to cut down in order to grow. And this is how Witty V Bespoke Wedding Signage was born. My love for weddings, signage and creating all in one!

Since then, I have established Witty V Digital - an online platform that allows like-minded creatives to sell their own artwork and designs. Providing a space for further exposure. And encouraging the growth of others.


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8/5/2019 2:00 PM
So proud of all you have done and become my Car xxx
8/5/2019 10:14 PM
Love you and so proud of you!
8/6/2019 6:32 AM
What an amazing venture, really proud of you. All the best. Lots of love  xxx
8/6/2019 8:53 AM
I'm admiring your determination and courage to follow your dreams. You put your heart into your work and it can be easily seen in your stunning products!
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