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The beautiful thing about being a creativepreneur, is the opportunities that come around to be able to express yourself entirely. With no constraints, no specs, no preferences. To create something that feeds your soul. To create pieces that mirror your personality. To create things you go to bed dreaming about.

I was lucky enough to recently be a part of a styled shoot, dreamt up Marlene and Kerryn from 'Those Blooming Girls'. This mother and daughter team are all about thinking about out of the box. They love to push boundaries and create the most gorgeous florals you don't see everyday. Simply put, they are JUST my kind of ladies!

I am all about supporting local business's, fellow creatives and small start ups. A category I am quite comfotably a part of. And any small part I can play to help them grow, use my sources to grant them more exposure and show EVERYONE how wonderfully talented they are, I will. 

How did 'Those Blooming Girls' start out?

My mom, who is the other Blooming Girl, has been doing flowers for family and friend’s weddings for over 40 years, she even did flowers for her own wedding 47 years ago!  For quite some time, she has roped me in on weddings as I have a creative side and I guess the brawn to assist her (lol).  I have always been in love with her creations and I have watched her hands create the most beautiful floral art.  Last year we did a cousin’s wedding together and thereafter, we were approached by a venue to quote on a wedding and things just spiraled from there.  We thought up a name, opened a bank account and our hearts to brides who want something different and who seek a florist with some new and inspiring ideas.

Styled Bridal Table

Tell our readers, what separates you from the rest in terms of what you have offer?

I think we are always pushing boundaries with what can be done with florals, we have an out the box eye and we are constantly adventuring into nature to find those little details you may not have thought was out there.  We treat every wedding like our own, and our brides will tell you, that we are always willing to listen, advise and try, we completely immerse ourselves in every wedding.

If you could sum up 'Those Blooming Girls' in one sentence, what would it be?

Creative, hardworking and passionate.

What has been your favourite project to date?

It would have to be our latest photoshoot at The Grove Wedding Venue.  We had a vision for a bridal shoot with a difference and luckily for us, within a few days, we had a team of professionals in their respective line of services ready to bring it to life.  It was both an honor and a privilege to work alongside such passionate, creative people, a tribe of like-minded individuals whom we highly respect. 

Venue: The Grove Venue

Dress: Lady Marmalaide

Make Up and Hair: Belle Maree House of Beauty

Decor Hire: Basics to Bling

Photographer: Lakin Flugel Photography

Signage: Witty V


How did you decide on the vendors to collab with for the shoot?

For any collaboration, we like to give, up and coming businesses an opportunity to showcase their talents by challenging them to create new ideas and think out of the box.  Example, we all know that most can do the same mundane work expected in the industry, but can you do something more dramatic and unique?  This goes for every vendor we work with.  Photoshoots are an opportunity to release your crazy ideas and be over the top with your creations!  Anyone who is game for that, is our person!

If someone gave you the reigns to create absolutely anything, what would it be?

A destination wedding table alongside the Italian coast somewhere. I fell in love with that part of the world when I travelled through Europe a few years ago. Surroundings have a great influence on your creative mind.

Where do you find inspiration?

In nature.  Everything has a season and a time, bloom where you are planted.

What can we expect from 'Those Blooming Girls' in the future?

Growth, both in knowledge and in business.  We plan on doing the master florist competition next year in Cape Town.  Expect constant development and forward thinking.

What is the best piece of business advice you have ever received, or even better what piece of advice can you give to other creatives?

Always remain consistent, from the quality of your products and services to the way in which you interact with the world.  Don’t ever compromise your standards.

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