Where is your store based?

Witty V digital is an exclusive online store. We do not have a physical shop.


How long do I wait to receive my digital product?

You should receive your artwork within 1 – 3 working days of placing your order. If you have not received your order, please feel free to contact


How can I track my order?

Because Witty V Digital is a platform that hosts many vendors, please contact the vendor directly from which you purchased an item (their information can be found on your order). Alternatively, please email


My download isn’t working?

Please bring this to our attention immediately. We aren’t mind readers (even though that’s a super cool power). We are here to receive your feedback and do what we can to ensure the process is smooth, easy peesy and everything works as it should.


What can I do with a digital product?

Depending on what type of digital product you purchase – artwork can be printed, emailed, cut, etc. All artwork will come with printing suggestions and instructions.


Am I allowed to return a personalized item?

Due to the personalization of your item, we unfortunately won’t accept returns or exchanges (for further info please refer to


How do I contact someone?

Phone calls are always great, but often missed – it is preferred that you please make contact by either emailing or alternatively through our “contact us” page.



I have some awesome designs I want to sell via your online store, how can I do this?

Well hello there fellow creative friend! Scroll down to our “Apply for a Vendor Account” at the bottom of the page for more information.